General Information

September 24-27, 2019

Ternopil, Ukraine

During operation, materials of structural elements are subjected to damages whose nature is dependent on the mode of loading and operating conditions (high and low temperatures, cyclic loading, corrosive medium, irradiation, etc.).

Diagnostics of material damages and their description are of importance for the development of the methods for improving the reliability, prediction of the residual life of structural elements and optimization of the physico-mechanical properties of materials.

Investigations of the damage accumulation in metals involve both the development of the fundamentals for describing this phenomenon and methods for assessing the strength and life of structural elements taking into account the whole set of the design and operational factors.

The Conference is one of the forums dealing with consideration of the results of investigations of this problem.


The International Conference “In-Service Damage of Materials, its Diagnostics and Prediction” will allow analyzing and generalizing the results of new theoretical and experimental studiesinto the processes of damage accumulation, crack initiation and propagation, diagnostics ofdamages with a view to ensuring the strength and reliability of structural elements.


Ternopil can be reached by rail or bus. The nearest International airport is 132 km away in Lviv. The participants traveling via Lviv and Kyiv will be provided with the necessary information and assistance in ticket reservation. Detailed information on the regular transport service will be available on the Conference website and in the Second Announcement.


  1. Localized and nonlocalized damage of materials.
  2. Damage diagnostics.
  3. Methods for describing and predicting material damaging.
  4. Residual life assessment for structural elements.


The official languages for all presentations are English, Ukrainian, Russian